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2017 Catholic Appeal Results as of 2/21/17


2017 Catholic Appeal Preparation Materials

For those of you who were at the Appeal training session at St. Agatha's on Saturday, February, 4, here is the mission statement for the Office of Spiritual Life from Maryann McLaughlin:

The Mission of the Office of Spiritual Life is to foster genuine spiritual renewal in the parishes of the Archdiocese of Boston. Our mission is primarily implemented in the parishes and regions since Ecclesial renewal, by its nature, involved communities as well as individuals.

We offer spiritual renewal by promoting the foundational elements of the Catholic spiritual tradition: a life of communion with God through Christ in His Church that is rooted in Baptism, nourished by the Eucharist and other Sacraments, guided by the Scripture, sustained by personal and communal prayer, and expressed through service to others.

2017 Catholic Appeal Appeal Coordinator Listing by Parish
Updated 2/8/17:  Please review to ensure the Appeal Coordinator for your parish is listed accurately. 

2017 Catholic Appeal Rebate Guide
To see an explanation of how your parish rebates will be calculated, click here.



2017 Catholic Appeal Helpful Materials


2017 Catholic Appeal
Advance Phase  and Launch Announcements


 CLICK HERE for the Word doc


2017 Bulletin Insert  CLICK HERE for the PDF
2017 Procedural Guide Click here for the .pdf or click here for the Word doc

Catholic Appeal Ministry Grid


Click here for the Catholic Appeal Ministry Grid
Witness Talk Materials

 CLICK HERE for your Witness Talk Exercise

 CLICK HERE for the templates in English


Sample Witness Talks
Thank you to our volunteer Appeal Coordinators who have provided us with their witness talks



 CLICK HERE for a sample witness talk (John Dwyer)

 CLICK HERE for a sample witness talk (Lisa Lipsett)



2017 Catholic Appeal Video
(for parish website and posting to social media)

 CLICK HERE for the English version

 CLICK HERE for the Spanish version

CLICK HERE for the Portuguese version

 CLICK HERE for the Closed Caption version

In-Pew Presentation
(for Commitment Weekend,
March 11/12)

 CLICK HERE for Option A (Word doc)

 CLICK HERE for Option B (Word doc)

 CLICK HERE for Both Options (PDF)

2017 Cardinal's Audio Message
(for Commitment Weekend
March 11/12)

CDs will be sent out to parishes in February with the rest of your Appeal materials.

 CLICK HERE for the English version

 CLICK HERE for the Spanish version

CLICK HERE for  the Portuguese version

 CLICK HERE for TEXT in English (Word)

 CLICK HERE for TEXT in Spanish (Word)

 CLICK HERE for TEXT in Portuguese (Word)


Thank You Letter Template- Word

Letter #1 to Prior Donors - Word

Letter #1 to Lapsed Donors - Word

Letter #2 to Prior Donors - Word



 CLICK HERE for Generic Logo in English (jpeg)

CLICK HERE for poster (PDF)

Other Helpful Documents:

Donor Bill of Rights - PDF

AFP Code of Ethics - PDF

Instructions for Clearing Browser Cache - Word


Catholic Appeal Contacts

For questions regarding parish reporting, donor updates, gift processing, Appeal materials, rebates, abatements, or issues accessing the Catholic Appeal website, please contact:

Arlene Dubrowski

For general Appeal questions including Appeal goals and Appeal Coordinators please contact:

Jacqui Miller
Catholic Appeal Manager