Amsale Tewodros, Student at St. Agatha School in Milton

“I’ve been going to Saint Agatha School for eight years now. I can confidently say that Saint Agatha School has shaped me into a better person both mentally and physically. Saint Agatha School has strengthened my faith in God, made me a better student, and made me a kinder person. Catholic schools focus on their students and ensure they get the attention and education they deserve for growth. All of the teachers at Saint Agatha School make sure we understood the material and that we get the help we need if we need it.


Faith – Faith is our loyalty to God. In all of my years at Saint Agatha School one of the first things that I learned was Faith. We got to mass once a month, or sometimes more for a special day. I enjoy masses at Saint Agatha’s because they strengthen my relationship with God and help me learn more about him. The teachers give excellent lessons in religion. I love learning new things that can help me strengthen my faith in God.


Excellence – Saint Agatha School has taught me how to be my best self, not only in school but also in other areas of my life. When I think about excellence my mind goes to academics and what I learn about. Excellence is not about being the best at everything, it’s about feeling confident in whatever you do from school subjects to extracurricular activities. It’s also about helping others in their excellence, which leads me to service.


Service – At Saint Agatha School one of the first things that you learn is service. Being kind, holding the door open, helping someone up, and comforting someone are all acts of service. This year I did the Saint Agatha School coat drive called “Coats for Kids,” I put boxes around the school and church so that others can drop off the coats in boxes. Once a box is full I drop it off at Anton’s Cleaners, they clean the coats and make sure that families get a coat to warm them during the winter. The coat drive happens every year, this year it ended on the eighth of January. For Saint Agatha School this is important because we care about our community, not just the Saint Agatha community, but other communities around us. These communities made us who we are today. 


Saint Agatha School is a big part of my life, and what makes it so great is the community that you are surrounded with, and the endless amount of people that are there to support you. Saint Agatha School has made me a better student and personal overall. Catholic school kids should want to go the extra mile to show their faith, excellence, and service. Also, to show everyone what a great impact a Catholic school has. Saint Agatha School is amazing from the amazing community to the great friends you make.”

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