Hospital Chaplaincy During Covid

This is a time that calls to mind the simple yet eloquent words of Cardinal Seán: We need to take care of each other.

As the work of our ministries continues, we share some inspirational words from one of the 28 hospital Chaplains who continue to receive support and guidance from the Archdiocese’s Chaplaincy office.

I have never seen so much change so quickly. Truly, COVID has completely changed the way we work but it does not undermine our mission to bring the love and compassion of Christ to others.

Our ministry now switches from one of “presence” to a phone ministry as we call to check in on patients and staff to offer a prayer or a word of inspiration. As it is considered no longer safe for breviaries or prayer books to be carried from room to room, we are creating printable PDF prayer lists that can be discarded after use for infection control. We are offering virtual resources to patients and staffs so that spiritual needs can be met. We are encouraging hospitals to support their staff on the front lines by holding a moment of prayer twice a day. We are also helping create schedules for on-call priests, and educating hospital staff about when to call a priest to administer the sacrament of the sick.

So much has changed – but the work of our church continues.

Mary Beth Moran – Hospital Chaplain, Winchester Hospital

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